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Moved into a new home? Call now to book a security inspection from a friendly local experienced locksmith. A security inspection from a professional will help you gauge the in’s and outs of every aspect of the security of your new home. Or perhaps you need an inspection of your home or business for insurance purposes? call now for the fastest response, 24/7. If you do book an inspection of your home, you can expect to have a one on one walk through of every inch of your home from a meticulous and experienced professional. they will tell you which areas of the home are well protected and which areas need improvement to elevate the quality of the protection of the home such as by installing a upvc door lock replacement. The things they will point out to you will vary from home to home This is why it’s so important to get a trained professional to inspect the home. You may find some of your locks are a bit dodgy and need something as simple as a realignment, something like this would not be spotted unless by a trained professional that could lead to a drop in security of your home if left unattended. You may even discover that your existing CCTV cameras don’t actually cover the areas which are vulnerable on your home and need re-positioning. You may even discover if the house is old, the windows don’t even have locks on them, or you might need an upgrade to a double glazed door lock! This is not unheard of but also not something that most people look out for. Whatever the problems are that have been found, the locksmith can create a detailed report of all the parts of your home that need improvement and can either install improvements straight away or leave you time to think about it, there is no pressure from the locksmith and you are welcome to call to book a future appointment if needed.