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Lost keys? One of the most common calls that our local locksmith gets is that a person who has lost their keys. our locksmith understand that this can happen to anyone at anytime and will never meet a call like this with shame or ridicule. Are expertly trained locksmith will instead be available promptly to safely gain entrance to the property or vehicle as well as replace the locks in case the keys are found by someone who would misuse them. Locksmith will also perform this task for any kind of lock not just homes or cars. For small safes, padlocks, cash boxes or lockers, locksmith will happily help customers to regain control of the situation. Provided there is proof of ownership, locksmith will help you no matter what the situation or object. Although we understand that this can happen to anyone at anytime, we do sell products to prevent this exact situation. For example we stock Bluetooth trackers as small as a key ring which rely on a national network to allow you to locate your missing keys using an app on your Phone. Interestingly enough, these small trackers can also be used to track any small objects and locksmith recommend them even for pets as they are small enough to hang on a collar. The 24 hour locksmith services is always available for emergencies regarding lost keys by saving the Phone number, you will always have it’s there as a backup should you need it someday. Once you have regained entry to your lock and key via our locksmith, you’ll be pleased to know that all locksmith vans contain spare locks for this exact situation. Therefore should you want to replace the locks in case the keys have fallen into the wrong hands, locksmith will be able to do that straight away , no hassle.